Premium Group Fitness

At Holmes Place Boutique, we offer you a wide range of formats to provide you with a comprehensive fitness experience, that enhances your physical performance and promotes your personal development. Holmes Place Boutique is more than just a fitness studio - it's a place where you feel comfortable and inspired. Whether you want to push yourself in an intense Full-Body Workout or recharge in a Mobility Class, we have the right format for every need. Our studio in your neighborhood offers a balanced training experience. Visit our studio in Berlin-F'hain and become part of our community to achieve your fitness goals

SWEat, sMIle &
Recharge your soul

Energizing Sweat-ClassesGet ready to sweat! Our intense workouts are designed to challenge you and improve your physical fitness. We utilize various training methods such as LesMills Bodypump, Barre Workouts, Functional Classes, and many more to increase endurance, strength, and flexibility. Not only does this bring good vibes, but it also helps you achieve your fitness goals!
Regenerative Soul-ClassesWith our Soul classes, we focus on strengthening your body holistically and promoting body awareness. Through training with moderate intensity and targeted exercises, we not only improve muscle strength but also posture and endurance. In classes like "Deep Flow: Pilates" or "Power Flow," elements of Pilates, Yoga, and fascia training increase your flexibility, gently strengthen your muscles, and stretch your body.


Our group fitness classes thrive on a strong sense of community. Our experienced coaches are always on hand during classes to ensure effective and safe training. Even after classes, you can exchange experiences and make acquaintances through conversations with our coaches or other participants. Grab a coffee and enjoy the buzz in our lounge. That's Group Fitness - Close to You!

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