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The affordable 12 months membership including a free and non-binding 14 days trial period
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  • Access to all Holmes Place Boutique classes
  • No registration fee or service charge
  • After 14 days trial period 12 months membership, therafter monthly cancellation possible
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  • Yoga mats, top equipment and water for you
  • Free access to our digital workout contents Holmes Place @Home
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Ask us everything

COVID-19 rules and information

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General information about Holmes Place Boutique

1. What is Holmes Place Boutique?

Our holistic group classes will take you to your personal goal: Whether you want to train strength, focus on relaxation or flexibility - Holmes Place Boutique is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Become part of a community that shares your passion for fitness and trains together with you, guided by our qualified coaches. At our Holmes Place Boutique studios in your city - near you! Close to you!

2. What makes Holmes Place Boutique different from the existing Holmes Place Clubs?  

Our boutique studios are tailored to your needs and goals, are located close to you and offer you motivating group classes for every fitness level.  

3. What makes Holmes Place Boutique special and different from other boutique studios?

In addition to our other services such as the outdoor concept SHIFT by Holmes Place and our bootcamp STORM , Holmes Place Boutique offers a holistic training concept based on our three pillars: Shape, Stretch and Soul. Our group classes help you to achieve your goals and reach your full potential on different levels - whether it is strength, mobility or improving stress management.  

4. What kind of classes does Holmes Place Boutique offer?


Shapingyour body is not just about toning it and strengthening muscles but it's about getting fit overall and feeling great in your body! Our Shape classes also provide important support for almost every area of personal development:reducing stress, improving sleep problems, optimizing the aging process and preventing injuries. The benefits are manifold and our coaches will help you achieve your personal goals.    


Animportant pillar of your training routine should be including mobility and flexibilityclasses. We have classic yoga classes, but also classes that focus specificallyon your mobility and flexibility. Regularly stretching your muscles and jointswill lead to a greater range of motion, improved balance and increasedflexibility. Greater mobility is the foundation for increased strength andbetter athleticism while preventing injuries.


City lifeis often hectic, noisy and stressful. It is therefore imperative to findmoments of peace and quiet to relax the body and mind. This kind of relaxationis an important component that you should incorporate into your everyday lifeand training routine. Relaxation can help alleviate many chronic healthproblems, restore your energy and promote positive self-esteem.

Ourrelaxation classes are the perfect complement to our Stretch and Shape classes,helping you to reduce stress, ground yourself and calm down.  

Training and class information

1. How long are the classes?

Our boutique classes vary depending on the format and last between 30 and 60 minutes. You can find this information in our class schedule (LINK).  

2. How many participants can take part in a class?

Initially, this can vary due to the prevailing Corona restrictions. Normally we have a maximum class size of 25 participants.

3. In which language are the classes held?  

The majority of our classes are held in German. However, we also offer classes in English. You can find this information in our class schedule.  

4. What should I wear and bring to the class and training?

Please bring a bottle of water (refillable at our studios), a towel, workout clothes and sneakers. We have different class formats and especially for our Stretch and Soul classes, you should wear comfortable clothes and bring warm socks with you. For our Shape classes, please make sure to wear functional clothing and bring your indoor sneakers.  

5. Can I still participate in the workout if I am injured or have physical problems?

Please consult a doctor prior to training. If you are allowed to work out - or if you are just still feeling a little unsteady after recovering from an injury - talk to the coach before the workout so we can adjust the exercises to your needs. Your safety is our top priority. However, you always train at your own risk: you know your body best and know what you can handle.

6. Can I participate in the classes if I am pregnant?

In general, exercising during pregnancy can be beneficial for both the mother and the baby. However, the type of training you can still do is very individual and depends on many factors. Examples for that include the types and intensity of your previous training, the pregnancy month and the personal development of mother and baby. In general, a reduction of the load is recommended and certain exercises should be avoided during pregnancy. Since this is not our area of expertise, we strongly recommend that you go into detail with your doctor and discuss specific exercises and, most importantly, the appropriate intensity before joining our classes. You should be granted permission from your doctor before participating in one of our classes. Please inform the coach about your situation before the class so that we know about it and can adjust to it.

7. I just had a baby; can I participate in the training?

If your doctor approves your participation and you are feeling well, we will be happy to welcome you back to the studio. You should inform the coach at the beginning of the class so that some exercises can be tailored to you. Your safety comes first, but only you know your body best.  

8. Can I book personal training at Holmes Place Boutique?  

Currently Holmes Place Boutique does not offer this option. But you are welcome to book personal training at a Holmes Place Club of your choice. You can find all the information here.

Membership and class booking

1. How can I book a class?

You can easily book your class on our website. If you want to book a class, open our class schedule (LINK) and select the desired class by clicking on it. The booking of classes is done through our partner Eversports. You need to log in with your Eversports access data. If you have not registered yet, here is a guide on how to do it. Once you are logged in, you can select and book your chosen class. You will receive a booking confirmation via email, in which all details of your booking are summarized.

2. What types of memberships are available?  

With our unlimited flexible membership (49,90 € per month) you can attend as many classes as you like in all our Holmes Place Boutique Studios. After an initial three months, you can cancel your membership on a monthly basis. If you are looking for more flexibility, you are just visiting Berlin or you would like to join a friend in one of our classes, you can also buy single tickets (15,00 €).  

Participation in our Boutique classes is included in some Holmes Place memberships. You can find all the information in your membership contract, in your member area of the Holmes Place app or feel free to just ask the team at your local Holmes Place Club.

3. Is there a free trial?

You are welcome to sign up for a trial workout (via email to to see our classes for yourself. In addition, you can book single tickets at any time and use our offer without obligation and contractual commitment.

Information about the studios

1. Are there changing rooms and lockers?

Yes, there are changing rooms and lockers available for you.  

2. Are there sanitary facilities?

Yes, our Holmes Place Boutique Studio in Berlin Friedrichshain has toilets, but no showers. You can find all information in the studio descriptions.

3. Can I buy drinks or snacks in the studio?

We have a water dispenser where you can fill up your bottle for free. Other products are in the process of planning. We will inform you in time!

4. What do I do if I forget something at the training location?

Our team checks the studio for forgotten items and will store them if they find any. Please ask at the reception desk during your next visit. However, Holmes Place Boutique does not take responsibility for personal items left behind or forgotten at any of the workout locations. Holmes Place Boutique is not responsible in any way for lost items during the duration of the training.